Let Audubon Cesco take care of all your swimming pool needs. We offer a variety of pool services and are sure to have a service to meet your needs. We provide service covering the territories from the Delaware Memorial Bridge to just north of exit 7A of the NJ turnpike.

Opening / Closing Services and Pool Heater Service

Spring Reassemble – Remove winterization plugs. Reassemble filter system, pumps, pool cleaner, lube valves, and clean the skimmers. The system is then started up and left running, if water is at operational level. The customer is responsible for having the water level up prior to our arrival. We recommend letting the system run 24 hours per day, for at least the first 3 days. It is only then that you want to have your water tested and set your timer. Pools should run 10 – 12 hours per day.

Cover Removal – Cover is removed. Reusable covers are rinsed and rolled for storage. Disposable covers are rolled for your disposal. Covers are to be as clean and dry as possible prior to our arrival. There is and additional charge for water and debris removal.

Clean Heater – Burner tray and top of heater are removed, orafices and heat exhanger are cleaned free of debris. We recommend pool heaters be cleaned prior to lighting the pilot or starting with electronic ignition. Any parts needed are additional to service.

Empty & Clean – The pool water is pumped out, all debris removed, and the walls cleaned with chemicals solutions. This is done on plaster and painted finish pools. Any stains or discolorations not removed by the cleaning are considered to be part of the pool coating. Once complete we put your hose in to start filling the pool, and add 1 quart of Stain & Scale Preventer, as well as 1 10lb Chlorine Stabilizer Booster.

Winterization – The water level in the pool is lowered. We then drain and winterize, your filter, pumps, and heater. The lines are blown out with compressed air, protecting the plumbing from freeze damage, and the customers winterization plugs installed.

Cover Installation – Cover is installed. This includes the filling of the customers waterbags for covers that required them.

Safety Covers

We offer free estimates on Merlin Safety Covers with new installation.  If you already own a safety cover, and it is in need of repair, give us a call. Regardless of make, we can have your old cover quoted for repair. We can also give you an estimate to have your old cover remade.

Free Estimates On New Equipment

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Maintenance Service

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