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Having been in the Heating and Cooling Industry since 1935, Audubon Cesco enjoys
AC Systems

AC Systems

Having been in the Heating and Cooling Industry since 1935, Audubon Cesco enjoys

Air Quality

Audubon Cesco offers a variety of Indoor Air Quality Products that will help control the air
Heating Oil Delivery

Oil Delivery

We offer a Computerized Automatic Delivery option so you don’t have to monitor your oil tank

Pool Service

Let Audubon Cesco take care of all your swimming pool needs. We offer a variety

Welcome To Audubon Cesco

Our goal is to serve the needs of our customers with the best quality and services in Gas / Oil Heating, Air Conditioning, Indoor Air Quality, Home Heating Oil, Swimming Pool Service and Supplies.

With over 88 years of service, Audubon Cesco has what it takes to meet all of your home heating, air conditioning, indoor air quality, and swimming pool service/maintenance needs. We are a locally owned and operated business that you can trust.  Let our team of HVAC and Swimming Pool Experts help you save money, reduce energy consumption, and extend the life of your property’s equipment.

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An Installed Rheem 80 Gas Furnace February 02, 2018

Types of Gas Furnaces

In order to choose the best type of Gas Furnace for your home, you should know the options that are available to you.  There are several different types of gas furnaces on the market today, at varying price points.  Each has their own pros and cons, but Audubon Cesco will help you decide which is right for you.

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February 02, 2018

Understanding the Energy Ratings

Understanding the Energy Ratings on your home’s Heating and Cooling Equipment will help you decide which unit will fill your needs but also meet your budget.

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December 12, 2017

Central Heating vs. Space Heating

The difference between a central heating system and space heating is central heating warms the entire interior of a building from one point to multiple rooms, whereas heat generation for space heating occurs in one place. 

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Our Testimonials

Perhaps too early to say, but just had a furnace and A/C replaced and all went smoothly. Very clean job. Revamped an existing system as well. Company always responsive. Mike very knowledgeable and also responsive. I would (and have) recommend this company…at least for now…fingers crossed.


These guys do a great job, both as a service company and a store. We had such a terrible time getting our pool built but these guys took over after construction and have been a pleasure to work with since then. I highly recommend.

Kip V.

As a young woman and first time homeowner, I cannot recommend Audubon Cesco enough! I found Mike through my realtor and was pleasantly surprised. I called Audubon Cesco looking for a second opinion on furnace replacement options and was pleasantly surprised to find out that my furnace didn’t need to be replaced! Audubon Cesco was honest with me about the repairs that needed to be done and gave me a price that was 1/4 of the competitors pricing for the same repair. And, on top of everything else, they found a dead bird in my system that the previous company had missed and removed it without charging me. I am happy to say that I have found a company for all of my HVAC needs and would highly recommend them!

Kristina H

The service is a 5. The gentleman who came out was extremely knowledgeable and both fixed my issue and walked me through how to prevent it from happening again.  He came out for the heater as well and it was the same experience.   I tried another company for service first and saw what the other side looks like. Glad I found these guys!

Josh W

Great customer service. Very helpful and knowledgeable.

Maureen P

Could have been a homeowner’s nightmare. Lost AC in heat wave, had to replace both AC and heater, convert to gas, AND remove very old oil tank from basement…But it all went smoothly, thanks to the GREAT crew from Audubon Cesco.

John M.

“The people here are excellent I would recommend them to anyone. Never an issue getting an honest answer.”

Bob M.

“I wanted to thank you for fast service and the guys who came to fix our air conditioner were very nice and professional!”

Traci D.

“No matter what I did, close all the curtains etc. I could not get my Air Conditioner to do its job and it was always 73 in here. Yesterday, the ninth, I bit the bullet and called the office, and they said, We will have some one out in the morning….I was like really? and yes, Jim just left and after servicing our unit its working like a charm. Thank you so much.”


“Mike and his crew are true professionals. I whole heartedly recommend them to anyone in need of HVAC/AC installs/servicing.”

Eric G.

“This is a great crew. Bill, Julio, Melissa, and the rest of the crew are fantastic! They came right out to look at the pool and got it running great.”

Jacquie M.

“We just had a replacement air conditioning unit replaced and Mike and his staff were exceptional. I called last week, received a call back in 20 minutes, a visit and estimate within 6 hours and the total replacement completed within 6 days. Mike was outstanding and he was detailed in his estimate, very professional and helpful in his recommendations. He and his staff were fantastic. Will definitely use them again and will recommend him to everyone I know. Thank you for getting us up and running so quickly.”

Rosemary P.

my a/c broke over the 4th of july holiday. a person recommended a person for me to look at it- he came out and said it was dead. needed to be replaced. he wanted to refer me to a friend of his to replace it.  i could not believe it. had to stay with relatives, because it was so hot. i called Audubon-Cesco and a couple of others to get pricing. at this point we decided to get a new heater and a/c. we figured the heater would probably not last long either. mike the owner came out on 7/5 at 8am to give me an estimate. he knew i had kids and we were staying with family- so he came out early as he could. he went down my basement and we were talking pricing- he through out a figure of possibly 10,000.00 with what i wanted and all that i had decided to get done. i almost threw -up. as he is looking at my broken  unit- he asked me if he could open it up and look at it. he looked at me and said maam i am 95% sure you just need a capacitor – can my technician come out. in the end,  by 9:15am i had air conditioning. it cost just under 250.00. this man could have talked me into a 10,000 sale, instead his honestly cost me only 250.00 and my family was back in the house. i don’t need a replacement now, but guess were i am going when i do.  and now i’m  getting a service plan with them. thank you. thank you. thank you. good and honest  people are still out there.”


“Mike and his team at Audubon-Cesco are as good as they come. We were converting our home from electric heat pumps and oil water heater to gas and not only was their quote the very competitive but they were also the only contractor that mentioned decommissioning and removing our oil tank along with noticing short comings we had in the sizing for our return registers for our downstairs unit. Mike helped me every step of the way with my application process with PSEG and filed all of the necessary permits with our town. Our project consisted of installing gas lines throughout, swapping out our two HVAC units, installing our new tankless water heater and removing all of the old equipment and oil tank. The team at Audubon-Cesco had an exceptional level of craftsmanship, were very neat and clean with their work and worked with a level of professionalism that you do not see much of anymore. I could not enthusiastically recommend a company more for any of the services they provide.”


“Would recommend in a heartbeat. We used Audubon Cesco for a repair on our air conditioning last summer and our heating system this winter. Both times they came out the same day and fixed the issues for a very reasonable price.

They saved us five figures on our HVAC after 2 of their competitors told us we needed a new unit. They were able to troubleshoot and fix the same day.

In the winter, Jim came out in the morning and fixed our boiler issue. He even showed me how to address the issue if it were to come back instead of charging us for a solution that isn’t guaranteed to fix the problem.

We will be relying on them for all of our heating and cooling needs.”


“First time customer to this business. Technician was knowledgeable, prompt and took time to figure out the issue! Minor problem fixed without overcharging. Certainly my go to in the future.”