my a/c broke over the 4th of july holiday. a person recommended a person for me to look at it- he came out and said it was dead. needed to be replaced. he wanted to refer me to a friend of his to replace it.  i could not believe it. had to stay with relatives, because it was so hot. i called Audubon-Cesco and a couple of others to get pricing. at this point we decided to get a new heater and a/c. we figured the heater would probably not last long either. mike the owner came out on 7/5 at 8am to give me an estimate. he knew i had kids and we were staying with family- so he came out early as he could. he went down my basement and we were talking pricing- he through out a figure of possibly 10,000.00 with what i wanted and all that i had decided to get done. i almost threw -up. as he is looking at my broken  unit- he asked me if he could open it up and look at it. he looked at me and said maam i am 95% sure you just need a capacitor – can my technician come out. in the end,  by 9:15am i had air conditioning. it cost just under 250.00. this man could have talked me into a 10,000 sale, instead his honestly cost me only 250.00 and my family was back in the house. i don’t need a replacement now, but guess were i am going when i do.  and now i’m  getting a service plan with them. thank you. thank you. thank you. good and honest  people are still out there.”

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