1. Stay away from the bad stuff.  We may not have control over the factory regulations but we can choose where we live.
  2. Check your area’s AQI (Air Quality Index).  The federal government updates ozone and particulate matter levels at AIRNow.gov.  It can be searched by zip code and offers daily forecasts for the public.
  3. Switch to a morning workout.  If you like to exercise outdoors, try a morning workout when ozone levels are low.  Heavy breathing draws air deep into the lungs.  Morning workouts also help you avoid inhaling exhaust from the mid-day traffic.
  4. Set the fan to re-circulate.  Setting you car’s fan to re-circulate prevents you from drawing polluted air from the outside.  Make sure to keep your car windows closed and replace the air filters regularly.
  5. Change that HVAC filter!  Heating and cooling make up about 50% of our energy bills. Changing your HVAC filter will keep you from inhaling the pollutants, dander, and viri floating around your house.  This will improve your chances of not getting sick and can improve the efficiency of your HVAC equipment by 5% to 15%.   Check them once a month.

Calling a service company like Audubon Cesco will make sure you’re breathing easier and keep your HVAC equipment at optimal efficiency!  How can we make you happy today?

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